Assignment 20 Recap

I knew this Assignment on Motion Photography was going to be challenging. As usual, everyone blew me away with their talent and creativity.  You all took to photographing motion in a still photograph to heart.  I get a few each week on Google+, where I run a weekly photography theme called #InMotionThursday, who insist on sharing photos taken with very fast shutter speeds which freeze the motion.

I was very happy to see some newcomers to this month’s assignment starting with a fellow Disney fan photographer.  Scott Sanders is a local to Walt Disney World and gets to photograph in the parks without having to worry about being on vacation. Scott created a series of abstract photographs using the motion of ride vehicles and very long exposures.  The results are outstanding.

Kieth LeLievre got a successful panning photo of a racing stock car from the stands.  Having done this myself, it is not an easy task to keep the camera focused on the cars and not latching onto the safety netting and wires. I did suggest a tighter crop but otherwise a very nice motion photograph.

Back with a reverse pan as I like to call them, Laurie Cybulak photographed a countryside with a barn from a moving vehicle. Kind of like Scott’s idea above but with a much shorter shutter speed keeping the subjects sharp enough to identify but blurred to show motion.

Natalie Bell is a west coast Disney photographer who went and enjoyed the new Carsland area which opened in late June.  Her panned photo of one of the cars on the Radiator Spring Racers course is made that much better taken during the Golden Hour.

Moving wings of birds is the subject of Nye’s contribution.  She photographed a Goldfinch and a hummingbird flying away into a sea of greenish bokehed backgrounds.

Karen found her own winged beauties in the form of insects, raptors and ducks. The hummingbird moth was very interesting and she did a good job of photographing them. Nature is a big copycat and if it works for birds, it sure well works for insects, too.

Barbara did various kinds of motion photography (not sure about the implied one though) using her talent and photographic spirit.  Really like the zoom burst of the Cornell University campus.

Barbara’s neighbor, Debbie, visited some gardens where she found all sorts of natural and man-made kinds of color in motion.  Those water fountains at night are just stunning.

Up next was yours truly.  I found horsepower was a good way to put things in motion both figuratively and quite literally.  Anyone want a ride in that orange coupe?

I have to applaud Carsten for putting together is motion slideshow.  Very creative and an excellent way to show motion…just not in one still image.  Though he did post a photo below it which fit the assignment perfectly.

I had to remind another upstate New York blogger to post his beautiful HDR image of Chittenango Falls.  The soft flow of the water is perfectly shown using this technique. Michael, we need to do a waterfall run out your way this fall.

Thank you all for participating.  It was not the easiest assignment but one well worth trying.  You never know when a motion photography opportunity will arise and it is a photographic skill well worth having.  Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!

Come back on Friday to see another way to stretch your photographic talents.

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11 Responses to Assignment 20 Recap

  1. Carsten says:

    Thanks for your kind words Scott. I’ll be back on friday.


  2. rocket2722 says:

    A waterfall run would be great! I’ve been burning up the NY State Park website looking for more opportunities. 🙂

    I really enjoyed everyone’s contribution. So many great pictures. I picked up a few new ideas, now I just need some time to go out and experiment.


  3. Karma says:

    Thanks again, Scott, for posting these assignments. I always enjoy participating (if I’m able!) and seeing what everyone comes up with for photos.


  4. Thanks Scott! I look forward to tackling your next assignment.


  5. Kathy says:

    I will enjoy looking at these. Thanks, Scott, for keeping us inspired. 🙂


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