Last Person on Earth

Have you ever been to a place that looked like you were standing at the end of the Earth? Maybe you were in a location which made you feel like you were the last person on Earth?  Such is the premise of Karma’s August Photo Hunt this month.

Lake Ontario Sunset.

Standing on the shore of Lake Ontario after sunset can give you the feeling of being the last person on Earth.

Karma realizes not everyone can find an ends of the Earth photo so she is looking for your most extreme types of photos either new or old.  Extremes could be a photo from the lowest, highest, northernmost, southernmost, westernmost, easternmost or any Most or Est you have photographed. Click the photo above to learn more about this very creative, fun and inspirational photo hunt.

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10 Responses to Last Person on Earth

  1. Karma says:

    Thanks so much for the link, Scott! Truly appreciate it. That sunset shot is lovely.


  2. sybil says:

    Lovely Scott.


  3. Dawn says:

    Nice. We were on the shores of Lake Erie a couple of weekends ago. I have never been before. Then we were at Niagara…and drove along the river, looking over at Buffalo. Thought of you.


  4. Wow… where’s this? Lovely shot!


  5. Life Normal says:

    Posting would so not be fair. Hope all is well Scott.


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