Assignment 19 Recap

Last month’s assignment was on capturing the Blue Hour.  A time of day when the sky becomes magical and the rest of the scene complements it.  Thanks go out to the seven who submitted links.

The winner of the Electronic Gift Certificate of FOUR eBooks from Craft and Vision is Nye Noona.  Congratulations, Nye!  I will be in contact soon!

Carsten started us off with a building in the Copenhagen harbor set off by the blue hour sky and followed it up with a blue hour landscape panoramic something I want to now go out and try.

Mike’s photo of the Anchorage skyline during an Alaskan blue hour is amazing and the snow capped mountains in the background are the icing on the cake (pun intended).

Kirk Muller brings his HDR talents to us for the first time with a reflective Blue Hour photo of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Thanks, Kirk!

KanniDuba had some prescience and got her Blue Hour photos before I announced the assignment with her photos of the the Perigee Moon rising.  So, what’s my next assignment, KD?

Nye found a residential Blue Hour composition showing how warm lighting sets up the blue sky and teaches us a little French.

Barbara used the beautiful buildings on the Cornell University campus to find Blue Hour compositions.  Don’t sweat it, Barbara, I would have had a hard time not using the clock tower, too.

I always like to see blue and red colors together and Birgitte did too when she found two interesting subjects early one morning and put them together.  Don’t worry, Birgitte, I sneak around early in the mornings, too.

Blue Hour occurs all over the world even in the Southern Hemisphere as Truels found out during his vacation stop in Darwin, Australia last year.

I had to prepare ahead of time for this assignment and tried to use this year’s Super Moon which did not pan out.  Luckily, I got a couple more during my meet up group’s photowalk.

We had a small number of participants this time around but the quality of the work was very high.  Kudos to everyone!

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1 Response to Assignment 19 Recap

  1. Nye says:

    Thanks Scott for the fun assignment and winning the eBooks. I’m looking forward to learn something new. 🙂


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