Natural Abstracts

Nature is full of abstract photo opportunities if you open your mind to them.  Using my definition for abstract photography in introducing this month’s assignment, I went looking through my photos for those with form, color, and curves rather than image detail as their subject.  Sometimes I found what I was looking for within photos and used cropping to pull them out.

That is what I did for this one below.  Can you guess what is in this photo before reading the caption?

Nile crocodile tails overlap each other in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The textures, shapes, shading and colors of the Nile crocodile tails is the subject as the mid-day Sun warmed their cold bloodied bodies.

This one is obviously a plant but the subject is more about the lines which converge or radiate out from the top of the stem. Depending on how you want to see it.

Radiating or converging lines are seen on this plant found in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

This time of year in the northern hemisphere when Winter slowly gives way to Spring is a good time to discover abstract photos outdoors.

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9 Responses to Natural Abstracts

  1. Jona Bering | Backpacking with a Book says:

    I agree. Nature has many patterns we often overlook. 🙂


  2. Gerry says:

    Oh good a game. At first I thought it must be bark, but I decided that wasn’t right. And then I thought “tortoise shell” – which still turned out to be wrong, but at least I was in the neighborhood. Scott, this assignment has been fun to do and fun to watch. I love that everyone is going off in wildly different directions – and coming up with absorbing images. Thank you.


  3. I thought it was a tortoise shell too. Interesting textures!


  4. Simone says:

    oh I love the crocs 😀 that’s a fantastic shot. Would work great in b/w, too, I’d say!


  5. Sybil says:

    Hi Scott, this is a fun contest. My crack at this challenge can be found at:

    Thanks for the inspiration !


  6. Robin says:

    I thought it was the bark of a tree at first. Well done! 🙂


  7. flandrumhill says:

    You sure have come up with a variety of images from your visits to Disney. I thought alligator at first as they are in the US, but was surprised to read about it being a crocodile. What wonderful textures.


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