Syracuse Creekwalk

Over the last decade, the City of Syracuse has been developing the Creekwalk linking areas which have been revitalized in previous years.  The 2.6 mile (4.2km) Creekwalk connects the museums, shops, nightclubs and restaurants of Armory Square to the living residences and businesses of Franklin Square continuing on to the Inner Harbor with its future development, community events and concerts and ending at the shores of Onondaga Lake.  In the future, there will be another section to allow people to walk on to the parks and shopping mall on Onondaga Lake.

Last weekend, I did a photowalk with members of the Syracuse Photographers Association Meet-Up group on the Creekwalk. Nature was kind enough to add a layer of fresh snow which really improved the drab colors of our winter so far this year.

Onondaga Creekwalk in Syracuse, New York.

Onondaga Creekwalk in Syracuse, New York.

From top left: One of the distinctive Creekwalk lamps and markers, the Creekwalk features many benches for people to rest on and/or enjoy the views, HDR image of the Franklin Square business and residential area the Creekwalk passes through; joggers on the Creekwalk added some color to the winter scene.

During the photowalk, I encountered many people walking, jogging and even biking on a cold wintery morning.  Wildlife, too, was enjoying the day. Onondaga Creek was moving swiftly and I saw many ducks riding the current like it was their own lazy river.  Black squirrels were moving about looking for food along the Creekwalk’s path.

We only walked the section from Franklin Square to the Inner Harbor.  I will definitely go back when the weather is warmer and make a day of it.

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15 Responses to Syracuse Creekwalk

  1. montucky says:

    That was a good thing they did there and it’s great to see that many folks are using it!


    • They had a a local tv news story on the Creekwalk last night talking about how the wildlife enhances the experience. Including beavers chewing on the trees! I doubt they want beavers building dams on the creek, they would flood millions of dollars of government investment (you didn’t thing the private sector did the revitalization, did ya?). 😉


  2. Gerry says:

    The lights are wearing little hats! Dressy place, Syracuse. Except for the beavers, probably.


  3. Haha, I noticed the little “hats” on the lights, too!
    Seems like a nice place to walk….doesn’t beat the Riverwalk in San Antonio, though 😉


    • Your Riverwalk is a very different setup. There are no restaurants and cafes along the Creekwalk. Those are found in the areas it takes you to.

      Both do the same thing though…give people a way to enjoy their city in a safe and beautiful way.


  4. Karma says:

    Thanks for sharing, Scott! Did you take any pictures of the black squirrels? I’ve only seen them intermittantly; grays are in most abundance here, with the occasional red mixed in. I’d love to see a picture if you have one!


  5. Nye says:

    There are many brave runners out there, I would be afraid since it looks slipper from your image. I miss the snow this year, and glad to see them in your photos. 🙂


  6. Robin says:

    Looks like a lovely walk, Scott. It’ll be interesting to see it again during the different seasons. 🙂


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