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Every day I get up and take incredibly beautiful photos.  Ah, if only, eh?  Somedays I have no idea what to photograph.  Nothing looks good.  Sometimes I review my own advice on how to get out of a photographic slump.  Other times I turn to the Internet.

I save a lot of  links to articles and websites via Twitter, Google+ and newsletters.  I read through a few last night and wanted to pass them on to all of you.

Lottery Scratch Off Games at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York.

Hanging lottery scratch off game tickets create colorful repetitive patterns at the NY Lottery booth in the New York State Fair.

If you are new to photography or have been doing it for years, the Digital Photography School (DPS) website has lots to offer you each week.  This past week, the thought provoking article talking about The One Question You Should Ask Yourself Before Taking Any Picture got me considering my approach to photography.  Do you “see” and photograph patterns around you?  If you, like me, seem to miss such opportunities.  The DPS photo essay called 33 Inspirational Images that Feature Patterns and Repetition will help. I highly suggest you subscribe to the DPS weekly newsletter for more great information and inspiration.

When I see a post or tweet about X number of something, I usually get curious enough to check it out.  Here are a couple I found very helpful.

22 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography (If you are interested in #6, contact me, please!)

10 Top Ways To Use Different Angles In Your Photography

Speaking of slumps, Scott Bourne has a short and to the point way of keeping boredom out of photography.  When I follow this advice, I get a great feeling of accomplishment even if it scares me to start.

Speaking of advice, I found this article surprisingly informative: 5 Pieces of Advice You Can Give Anyone.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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14 Responses to Photographic Inspiration

  1. You sound like me…. I’ve been getting desperate for things to photograph, just to keep my blog going. With no pretty flowery or nature stuff to photograph right now, things are going to get pretty random! LOL
    Will have to check out those links you mentioned.


  2. kanniduba says:

    I will read through these articles when I have time after, but I can’t help but share this piece of advice which I’m sure is in none of those articles: Honor thy slump.

    Sometimes, nothing is the best thing you can do…maybe your soul needs a break? Give it time, and inspiration will find you again when the time is right. 🙂


  3. Sybil says:

    Loved the 33 patterns site. I always have my little point and shoot with me and sneak it out to take shots wherever I am. One day I whipped it out to take photos the rows of jeans at the bargain store. The pants were packed tight together on their hangers, making marvellous rows of various hues of blue. When I take my dogs for a ball run, I’ve been known to bend over and take shots upside down, through my own legs of the the dogs running toward me. Let’s me get down low without sitting on the wet ground.

    I always learn something visiting your site Scott.


  4. Karma says:

    Thanks for the links. I always need inspiration this time of year!


  5. Great article links Scott. I really liked the one on patterns. It has given me some ideas for this dreary, snowy day.


  6. Dawn says:

    Some really good information and advice here, thanks!!


  7. What a fantastic post, Scott ! Thanks a lot for sharing these links and advices, there is so much to learn every day really. I will re-read your post and links and try doing something different. Have a pleasant Sunday !


  8. Geez, Scott, I hardly do any of those things on the List of 22 Things . . . #! I need to take a class because I don’t know how to use all the features of my camera. Unfortunately, I live in South Jersey where there aren’t any class offerings. I did find that Philadelphia has many. So I am signing up with Digital Photo Academy to learn the basics of my camera. But I do learn from all of you on WordPress too!


  9. Kathy says:

    That is good advice, Scott. Love the way those lottery tickets look. Did you buy one? I do tend to notice patterns but don’t always know how to photograph them to reveal what I see. By the way, I am headed to the sandy beach with the new filter. Should I use the filter outdoors for every shot when it’s sunny? Also, always use the flash when photographing faces outside?


  10. Robin says:

    Great articles. Thanks, Scott! 🙂


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