View 172: Blue in Syracuse

The first subject of the night photography eclass I am taking was on capturing the “blue hour”.  The course gave detailed instructions on how to accomplish this and I found the old Syracuse Savings Bank building on Clinton Square to be an ideal subject.

Syracuse Savings Bank building on Clinton Square in Syracuse, New York taken during the Blue Hour.

Syracuse Savings Bank building on Clinton Square in Syracuse, New York taken during the Blue Hour. Nikon D700/28-300VR, 15s, f/22, ISO 200, EV 0, 28mm focal length, tripod, shutter release.

The Blue Hour never lasts an hour.  Think of it as Nature’s Happy Hour.  It comes and goes based on many factors but always occurs AFTER sunset.

The Soldiers and Sailors' Monument in Clinton Square, Syracuse, New York.

The Soldiers and Sailors' Monument in Clinton Square, Syracuse, New York. Nikon D700/28-300VR, 6s, f/22, ISO 200, EV 0, 28mm focal length, tripod, shutter release.

Next time you are out photographing a sunset, do not leave after the Sun goes below the horizon.  No matter the weather, the time of blue comes and it is a magical time to do photography.

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28 Responses to View 172: Blue in Syracuse

  1. burstmode says:

    Well…blue hour it is! I like the bank shot. Beautiful architecture.


    • Thanks, BM! There are a few more historic buildings around Clinton Square I want to document this year. When this was built in 1876, it was the tallest building in Syracuse. A competing bank would have none of that and built a taller structure a few years later.


  2. Karma says:

    Wowee, those are some long exposures. Are they necessary to capture that lovely shade of blue? Will you be posting about your wwwp5k?


    • Those long exposures where necessary because of the low light levels. The color was captured by the camera’s sensor. I could see the blue but not to this extent.

      I did not have a very eventful 5K but will be posting something this week about it.


  3. Awesome shot Scott…I have one of a pier in Naples Fl, with the sky and water both blue I love that time of the evening !!


  4. Gerry says:

    I loved my walk to the parking garage of a winter evening because it took me past the restored Old County Building, glowing softly against the deepening sky. Magic time indeed.


  5. Great effect! I’ll have to try that sometime.
    I like the bank building, too, almost looks like you added a filter… or taken it through the blue shaded top part of a windshield.


  6. Debbie says:

    Great shots! I’m also taking Kent’s eClass & am very much enjoying it. My husband & I went to our church last evening & I made a few shots of our sanctuary during the “blue hour”. The blueness of the sky that is captured by the sensor is so beautiful.


  7. Deanna says:

    I love the blue hour! Nice blue reflecting in your photos also. Here is a favorite of mine from a few years back.


  8. truels says:

    That blue color is amazing! Another magical time is the morning before sunrise. I photographed some mornings on a cruise in the Philippines which I will post later this year.


  9. Robin says:

    These are awesome, Scott. What a fabulous color blue!

    Makes me want to grab my camera and tripod, and head outside tonight or early tomorrow morning. It’s awfully cloudy here, though. Would that work with clouds?


  10. Nye says:

    I took a picture during blue hour last year and thought the color of the sky looked odd, too blue. I thought it was my fault, and now I know the technical term for it. 🙂


  11. Nye says:

    Absolutely love the star-bust effect in the first image.


  12. flandrumhill says:

    No wonder it’s called *happy hour* 🙂

    The cool blue sky contrasts so beautifully with the warm lighting on the buildings. Maybe it’s this contrast that makes the scenes seem so alive.


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  14. kiwidutch says:

    Stunning shot and what a beautiful building too! I can’t wait to be up and walking again so that I can attempt this kind of shot myself.
    In the meantime I’m adding this to my “to learn” list.


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  17. How very interesting to learn about this Blue Hour or Nature Happy Hour ! I never knew this and always thought something was wrong with my way of taking a picture at that time. Thank you Scott, I will experiment more of it. The second picture is absolutely stunning !


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