Explored on flickr

Explored Photos by Scott Thomas Photography on flickr1. Textured Tulips, 2. Somewhere in the Sun, 3. Introducing Willow, 4. Wolf Howl, 5. Lighted Castle

WordPress.com has Freshly Pressed which feature blogs and flickr has Explore which features photographs.  In both cases, no one has a clue how their blogs or photos get selected.  In my first year at flickr, I had two photos selected.  This year I have had three and I did not even know it until this week.  Yep, a big old goose egg in between. We all want our photographs to be appreciated and being Explored is nice.  Just as being Freshly Pressed is.

I applaud both WordPress.com and flickr for taking the effort to highlight bloggers and photographers.  I often browse these services for inspiration and have found many new contacts along the way.

I am proud of the photos that were Explored.  As I am of all the photos I choose to share with you. Have a great day!

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11 Responses to Explored on flickr

  1. Simone says:

    Well done, that’s great! It’s such a buzz being freshly pressed/explored (though I ‘only’ got pressed once), isn’t it? Fantastic, congrats!


    • A buzz it sure was. I was lucky to get Freshly Pressed on a Friday and was left on the front page for almost three days. I tried not to watch the hit counter but I couldn’t help myself. Same thing happened on flickr this week. Must be the little statistician in me.


  2. kiwidutch says:

    oooooh Hello Willow!
    Wonderful photos Scott, and lucky you for being chosen for Freshly Pressed 🙂 Congratulations!


  3. Karma says:

    I’ve never heard of Explore. That’s pretty cool, Scott. Congrats!


  4. Congrats! I’ve had a few of my pictures make explore, but I haven’t updated my flickr account in ages… probably since before I started blogging.


    • Thanks, Michaela. I use flickr for a lot of my Disney photos so it is not surprising that three of the five are related to Disney. I have been trying to link the blog and flickr communities but there is not a lot of cross over between the two kinds of social networking.


  5. Robin says:

    Congratulations, Scott! 🙂

    I knew about Freshly Pressed but had no idea about Flikr. I’m still figuring it out. I’ve been a member there for a couple of years, but only used it to store photos privately up until recently.


  6. milkayphoto says:

    Congrats Scott!


  7. Giiid says:

    How nice, Congratulations!!


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