White Calm

But calm, white calm, was born into a swan

— Elizabeth Coatsworth

Swan on Webster Pond.

Swan on Webster Pond.

There where thousands of ducks and geese on Webster Pond but only one swan. He was a calm in a sea of flying feathers and noisy neighbors.

This is my photo for the Assignment: White.  I’ll be posting my recap next week.  Thank you all for participating.

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19 Responses to White Calm

  1. Carsten says:

    She (He?) is beautiful. The way it mirrors itself in the water … it must be she. BTW, they always do that doesn’t ´they? As if they are afraid to become an ugly duckling again. 🙂


    • It was the consensus of the group I was with that this swan was a ‘he’. I may be a wildlife biologist by trade but I wasn’t going to check and find out for sure. 😉


      • Carsten says:

        It is probably a ‘he’. It is difficult to see the difference. The cop is larger (but lighter) than the pen, and has a larger knob on its bill. (Giiids comment made me look it up). Take a look here and see if you can see the difference:


  2. Gerry says:

    I like visiting Webster Pond with you, Scott. The swan is lovely. Peering into the water for a snack, I’d say.


  3. kanniduba says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!


  4. imac says:

    Beautiful reflections.


  5. montucky says:

    Beautiful shot and a beautiful bird!


  6. giiid says:

    The swan has been chosen as the Danish national-bird in 1984. You´ve made a very nice shot of this proud looking bird. The photo is calming to look at, and the colors fine. Until now, I didn´t know that a male swan is called a COP and a female a PEN, your photo made me look it up. Thanks 🙂


  7. Nye says:

    Absolutely beautiful Scott, such an elegant Swan!


  8. karma says:

    Love this shot! Right down to the texture of the feathers.


  9. milkayphoto says:

    Swans always seem to look so very elegant and you’ve captured his/her grace and beauty. Lovely!


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