Assignment 3 Recap

I’d like to first thank everyone who participated in my latest photo assignment on the subject of water.  It’s always fun to see how people interpret these assignments.  As I did for my previous assignments, here’s my recap in order of appearance.

We first found out that water in Florida pools is “wetter” and ducks do take to it in this entry by sorrentolens.  Psst, he later clued me in for the reason it’s wetter is because of a chemical used to keep the pools clean.  Science can do some interesting things with water, too.

Next up was an amazing photograph showing a two-colored river from Laos brought  to us by Nye Noona.  Nature sure is full of surprising water tricks.

Jason presented us with a Montana waterfall using the nice long exposure techniques I found wasn’t so easy to do.  Sometimes getting to the waterfall isn’t all that easy either.

Gerry, realizing she lives near a lake, figured she had something for us.  She then proceeded to share some history about Torch Lake and it’s clarity.   Later, one the Torch Lake Irregulars named Katherine, added a photo of water in two states, liquid and gas, in a haunting photo of a lake at rest.

Sharing how a photo can emotionally affect us once the story behind it is revealed,  Valerie recounts how frozen water near a tragic airplane crash site close to her home looked like nature was weeping for the victims.

The Daily Click, on a trip to Galveston (uh, oh, now I got that song in my head!), shows us the power and beauty water brings to those living on the U. S. Gulf Coast.

Birgitte checked in from Denmark with a tale of how a body of water has affected her country’s history over the centuries in a stunning use of storytelling photography.  Birgitte’s sister, Tone, using her mobile phone camera joined in (literally) with this excellent self-portrait.

Carsten tuned “just a puddle” into a work of art.  To me, he showed the relationship between the Sun and water and how we need both to survive here on Earth.  Also, don’t miss his other water post which you can get to from the first link.

I chimed in with a ping from my post about how a little creek created a large gorge by cutting through hundreds of feet of rock via moving water.

The husband and wife tag team from Kansas, Anna and Preston Surface, brought us two very different water photos.  Anna showed us one of her lovely “water colored” versions of a quiet creek with fall colors on it’s banks in a nice use of natural framing.  Preston’s gave us a photo-journalistic view of how water is life and must be shared.

Mike Criss gave me a personal reminder of a temperate rain forest waterfall he shared with us from Alaska which took me back to a time I spent in Olympic National Park along with the feel and smells of an ecosystem most people don’t associate with North America.  Thanks, Mike!

A Half Hour A Day dived into the assignment with first an autumn view of Lake George then a first attempt at photographing a drop of water into a bowl of water.  This exercise turned into not a only a learning one but a therapeutic one, too.

Shrew showed how stopping water in action can be just as dramatic as using long shutter speeds.  Still think that is a cutout and not a real person. 😉

Even after a long absence, this assignment was a great success.  You people are all very talented and creative.  I got one more assignment for this year which I’ll post in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, check out two other blogs which invite you to stretch your photographic muscles: Shrew wants you to show some perspective and Darwin is looking for Fall Photos but both need your submissions by October 31, 2009!  Read their posts carefully on how to join in.

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3 Responses to Assignment 3 Recap

  1. Anna Surface says:

    This was a wonderful water challenge with so many different and unique views expressed and shown about the substance of water. Enjoyed it all. 🙂


  2. Carsten says:

    I agree with Anna.
    Thanks for writing this recap on the inputs from all the participants, Scott.
    Now we’re looking forward to the next challenge.


  3. Great to see that so many people participated! Can’t wait for the next challenge!


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