View 96: New York Waterfalls in HDR

Click Here to see the New York Waterfalls in HDR Photo Essay.

New York Waterfalls in HDR Photo Essay.

I did warn you about seeing more HDR images here.  My recent Waterfall Safari gave me an opportunity to create some HDR images I decided to share with you as a Photo EssayClick here or the title image above to see it.  I hope you like it.

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13 Responses to View 96: New York Waterfalls in HDR

  1. Gerry says:

    Your results are really fine, Scott. You’ve found a great solution for those sun-dappled woods-in-autumn shots. What a lovely walk you took us on.


  2. montucky says:

    Those gallery shots are outstanding, Scott! Absolutely beautiful!


  3. Nye says:

    Absolutely beautiful images. I’m curious about the polarizer filter that you used here, is this something that’s needed for outdoor photography? I’ve never used a filter before, and heard from a friend that I need one, but I’m not sure what kind or when to use it.


  4. Anna Surface says:

    Gorgeous gallery shots! Very well done with all, Scott! 🙂


  5. Mike Criss says:

    Great set of photos on your SmugMug account. I used to only shoot 3 exposures when my histogram indicated too much of a range was needed, now I find my self shooting 3 exposures every time I set my tripod up. Isn’t digital great! Put you in my BlogRoll under HDR work.


    • Yes, digital has some great advantages including auto bracketing and freedom from the cost of film and processing. Of course, the time it takes to edit and process all those digital images is the price. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and blogroll add, Mike!


  6. If you live or will be visiting western or central New York and want to photograph waterfalls, this book by the people who run the New York Outdoors blog is a must have. Their book gives detailed directions to 200 waterfalls:


  7. Nice work. Just found your site via wordpress tag.


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