View 71: University of Michigan Campus

Tulips on the University of Michigan campus with Hill Auditorium and Burton Memorial Tower in the background.

Tulips on the University of Michigan campus with Hill Auditorium and Burton Memorial Tower in the background.

Visited the University of Michigan over the weekend as my daughter received her Master’s degree in Archives and Records Management from the School of Information. The weather threatened some which was okay by me as it brought out the tulip’s colors which were everywhere on campus and all over Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Burton Memorial Tower (pictured above) is a 212 foot (65 meter) high structure housing a 43-ton, 55-bell Baird Carillon.

PS. If anyone knows of a digital archivist position open in a corporation, library, museum, government agency, etc. Drop me a comment and I’ll pass it on to my daughter. Thanks!

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16 Responses to View 71: University of Michigan Campus

  1. Gerry says:

    Evocative image, Scott–springtime on campus is always poignant. As one interested in history, I’ve been giving some thought to digital archiving and I have some questions for your daughter! Technology becomes obsolescent so quickly . . . are all our images and words just sketches on the shifting pixels of time? Will anyone 100 years from now be able to see your heron rising?


  2. I like the perspective of the University with the focus on the tulips.


  3. Wonderful comp in this Scott, congrats to your daughter as well !!


  4. sorrentolens says:

    Scott – great photo! Did you get to hear the carillion at all? These usually have a magnificent sound – especially if you are up close to it.


  5. burstmode says:

    Congratulations to your daughter, I have a ways to go before mine graduates. This is a wonderful angle.


  6. giiid says:

    Congratulations! This sounds like a very interesting (and important)education. Nice photo, Scott.


    • Thank you, Birgitte. Like libraries of the past, today’s information will be housed in vast electronic storage facilities. If not done right, the information is hard to find, if done right, everyone will be able to access it.


  7. Julie McLeod says:

    I like the wide angle view. Congrats on your daughter’s achievement and good luck to her in her job search….


  8. Laurie says:

    Congrats to your daughter. I hope her job search is successful.


  9. Congratulations to your daughter! (Even though her degree is from UM–I’m a Spartan. 😉 I’m sure all her hard work will pay off. She chose a promising field.

    Excellent photo of the UM bell tower and those vibrant tulips, despite the temperamental Michigan sky. They have a beautiful campus. I admire your composition choices including the perfect angle and the right lens. Glad it didn’t rain on your parade.


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