View 17: Time


“Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.”

— Will Rogers

Photographer’s Note: I read today that Photo Blogs should have BIG images so I have changed the layout to allow for bigger sized versions and updated all past views and postings.

However, this layout moves what I call More Stuff from the top of the page navigation bar to a box on the sidebar (those things going down the right hand side of this page). Please, take a few minutes to check out those pages and visit my growing list of Favorite Blogs.



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10 Responses to View 17: Time

  1. morningjoy says:

    How does a photographer see time? Is it found in the variation of light we perceive? I love the conflict in your photo. How can it possibly be 7:23 am or pm with that cerulean sky? Excellent photo.


  2. stphoto says:

    Since Time is a concept and not a thing like a clock is. Trying to photograph “time” is a challenge. I did not do any post-processing of this photo and, yes, that is how the sky looked that day.

    Thank you for your kind words, morningjoy!


  3. virtualnexus says:

    Oh Wow – I’ll be back!!
    (and what a great quote….)


  4. stphoto says:

    So, how many blogs do you have vitrualnexus? 🙂

    Oh, I see, I’ll add this one to my list as the doorway to your other wonderful blogs.


  5. virtualnexus says:

    I was just thinking I’d add yours to bring a touch of pizazz to mine!

    Don’t even ask how many blogs….


  6. Christine says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love your photos! Great composition and colours in this time picture. Love the wolf picture too! I’ll be back to browse again :0)


  7. virtualnexus says:

    Scott – needed a last minute rethink on the blogs, so the previous nexii link wont work. Look for Virtual Voyage – see current avatar link.


  8. stphoto says:

    Thanks, Christine!


  9. virtualnexus says:

    Cheers – a profile link hadn’t been amended; should work now.


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