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Assignment 14 Recap

I was looking forward to seeing how people would do this assignment on Showing Scale in Photography.  At first glance, it seems like an easy thing to show.  It is but it is not so easy to see it photographically. … Continue reading

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Scale Model

Driving down the road one day I spied this garage with some very interesting work going on in its bays.  A roadster hot rod in one and, my favorite, a coupe from the 1940’s.  There’s was even an old antique … Continue reading

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Assignment 14: Showing Scale in Photography

Last year one of my most popular posts was Showing Scale.  Now, it’s your turn to show something to scale by using a reference within your photograph.  It can be something big, small or in between as long as I … Continue reading

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Showing Scale

I visited the Chimney Bluffs State Park near Sodus, New York, earlier this week as part of my Memorial Day weekend.  The rugged bluffs were formed from drumlins, which in turn were created by glaciers in the last ice age.  … Continue reading

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