Assignment 14 Recap

I was looking forward to seeing how people would do this assignment on Showing Scale in Photography.  At first glance, it seems like an easy thing to show.  It is but it is not so easy to see it photographically. What is seen with two eyes in a three dimensional world does not always work in the two dimensions of photography.

Now, let’s see the results of your fine scaled work.

Nye was first up with a fruity comparison followed a couple of amazing beach photographs.  Showing the smallness of things in a big universe.

Joining in for the first time, Barbara is another upstate New Yorker who loves the gorges and waterfalls where she lives.  I am totally jealous of the waterfall photo in her post on Showing Scale.

Right after Barbara posted so did her neighbor, Deb.  As you will see, they both had a similar idea.  Deb’s Showing Scale post included a couple of other photos which brought home to me the scale of one of my favorite places to photograph.

Dawn shows us the biggest barn I have ever seen.  How can I tell?  Check out her Talking about scale and see.

I really look forward to Karma’s submissions but she went over the top by showing me a huge raspberry.  I even had my wife buy raspberries this week so I could eat some.  I know there are other photos…go see them in her Showing Scale post.

Birgitte took scale a different way and showed us balance in her Scale in photography post.  Not sure she meant to do it but I sure loved her doing it.

I showed a Scale Model I found at the Syracuse Nationals car show.  It would not have worked so well if the model maker had not been such a craftsman.

On the east coast of the United States, trees are not huge like on the west coast.  Jennifer, however, did find a big tree and showed its size very well.

I do ask everyone to create or use their own photos for my assignments. Carsten did not in his Scale in photography submission and, once you see it, you will see why I am not to upset about it.  This time. 😉

When I travel, I make sure I use objects to show people the size of a place.  Truels does a brilliant job of doing this from his recent trip to Australia.  Watch out for the spider!

Last and not really too late, Michaela returned from her vacation to show us scale by use of some currency and a mineral rock.

Nicely done everyone!  The next assignment will be announced in September.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and do not forget about Karma’s Colorful August Photo Hunt.

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5 Responses to Assignment 14 Recap

  1. greysqrl says:

    very interesting, I look forward to participating in the next competition.


  2. Karma says:

    Thanks for the recap and the reminder about my photo hunt Scott!


  3. Nye says:

    Thanks Scott for the scale assignment, looking forward to the next one. It’s interesting and a good learning experience to see how other photographers presented their scale images.


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