View 347: Disney Vacationing

What a vacation with a wedding in the middle of it.  Here are a few photos from the scrapbook.

See Text for Details.

Let us start with the three down the left side from top to bottom: Enjoying a Konk Kooler on Castaway Cay with the Disney Dream cruise ship in the background, meeting Captain Jack Sparrow on a Caribbean island and talking with a camel (long story, check my Twitter feed for it) in Epcot’s Morocco pavilion.

I got to meet and TALK with Mickey Mouse in the Town Square Theater on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Wonderfully entertaining technology. The faces on the children before and after me was priceless as they meet with the talking Mickey.

If you are interested in more information on a Walt Disney World vacation, contact my wife at 

(just click her email address above)

She has been booking and planning Disney trips for satisfied travelers exclusively for over 18 years.

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