Featured Item: Pandigital 7″ Digital Photo Frame

Click Here for more information on the Pandigital 7" Digital Photo FramePandigital 7″ Digital Photo Frame
With interchangeable charcoal and white faceplates, the Pandigital PanImage 7″ Digital Photo Frame brings high-style to your home or office decor. The bright and sharp 7″ LCD screen showcases all of your digital photos and video with amazing color and clarity. Optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters allow you to transfer photos, video, and music wirelessly. With 1GB of internal memory, this Pandigital frame can store thousands of compressed image files.

Price: $ 64.95 + Free Shipping (USA Only)

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1 Response to Featured Item: Pandigital 7″ Digital Photo Frame

  1. This is the one I sent my mom for Christmas in 2008. I had trouble transferring the photos to the frame, but it worked great with a memory card inserted.


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