Collective Shoot: Crouse Hospital’s Clock Tower

Crouse Hospitals clock tower as seen from the Syracuse University campus, Syracuse, New York.

Crouse Hospital's clock tower as seen from the Syracuse University campus, Syracuse, New York.

It’s not often we get a blue sky around Syracuse during the month of January so, when I was walking back from a recent Syracuse University Men’s basketball game, I just had to take some photos of the landmarks you can see from the SU hill which overlooks most of the city of Syracuse, New York.

When looking for a suitable landmark for my submission to the Collective Shoot assignment I presented on this blog, I smiled when I came upon the clock tower of the Crouse part of the Crouse-Irving Hospital complex.  My personal history with this hospital includes the birth of both my daughters, a sister who was a nurse for years and a close friend who worked in the offices of the hospital.  The hospital itself has quite the history (click for more information). Not only can you see the clock tower from the university but, if you look east from Interstate Route 81 when traveling through Syracuse, you can’t miss  this distinctive tower amongst the other hospital and medical buidings which surround it.

During December, the clock tower is lighted with the Lights of Love which is a fund raiser each year for a selected medical charity group.  This 20 plus year tradition has been very successful and has raised thousands of dollars for medical research and patient care for the hospital.

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7 Responses to Collective Shoot: Crouse Hospital’s Clock Tower

  1. montucky says:

    Outstanding shot of the tower!


  2. Carsten says:

    Nice shot. The light brings out the structure and colors. -And then it’s fun to see ‘your’ hospital.


  3. The shot of the tower is nice but I really like the way you convey it with your life. Makes it sound so much more personnal.


  4. doreen3boys says:

    Gorgeous!! My nephew is considering doing an internship in Syracuse this summer……….thoughts? Would it be a cool place for a college sophmore to spend the summer? I did a little reading about it yesterday..just realized you’re from there, who better to ask? Thanks!


  5. giiid says:

    Such a lovely building, I think it deserve a permanent blue sky! I read a little about its history, very interesting. It made me think about the different health care systems around the world. In Denmark, the hospitals are payed through taxes, which makes them “free” to use.


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  7. Joan says:

    Hi, Scott~~
    I followed another commenter (Gerry) to your Collective Shoot, and have enjoyed all of the submissions immemsely. The clock tower on your hospital looks a lot like the Halifax (NS) Citadel clock tower!

    I’ve bookmarked you, and hope I can get in on your next collective shoot! I have JUST learned how to use my digital camera and its accompanying computer software, in order to join in on Flandrum Hill’s Midsummer’s Scavenger Hunt (June-July, 2009).


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