View 51: Main Street USA

Main Street USA in Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom.

Main Street USA in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

For me, a visit to Walt Disney World doesn’t really start until I enter the Magic Kingdom and walk down Main Street USA. This Disney depiction of a turn of the 20th Century town is full of old time fun. You might run into the Dapper Dan’s Barbershop Quartet, see a glass blower creating small trinkets, watch a high school marching band lead the afternoon parade, have some hand-scooped ice cream cones or enjoy seasonal holiday decorations. Walt Disney wanted to capture American history with Main Street USA and I believe he has.

Internet access is disappointing slow at the resort I am staying at so I will add more photos to this posting when I return in a few days. Hey, guess where I’m going this morning? Yep, back to Main Street USA!

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3 Responses to View 51: Main Street USA

  1. sorrentolens says:

    Haven a great time at WDW. Paul (Sorrento, FL)


  2. Disney is even more beautiful, all decorated for the holidays.
    Can’t wait to see more pictures!


  3. stphoto says:

    I’m going to crop and straigthen this photo out soon. It’s bothering me to have it up like this.

    Disney at Christmas is even more magical than other times of the year. That’s saying a lot, folks.


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