View 5: The B’ville Big Chill

View 5

The B’ville Big Chill was held for the first time on Saturday, January 26, at Baldwinsville’s Mercer Park featuring a Polar Bear Plunge into the icy Seneca River. All participants fully submerged and quickly ran back into the heated tent to change back into dry clothes and winter outer wear.  The water was enough to bulge one’s eyes out as witnessed by this poor fellow.  You can see the other events below.

Snowman Contest – for kids of all ages and their families.  The snow wasn’t to cooperative but all put on a gallant effort.  The winner was the snowman with the gloves and cane.  Runner-up was the snowman that fell down. 🙂

snowman 1snowman 2snowman 3snowman 4

Chili Cook Off – many local resturants took part to see who would impress the panel of judges which included Wayne Mahar, the chief meteorologist for our local NBC affiliate, WSTM (Ch. 3). Ironwood Golf Course Restaurant won the distinction of having the most original chili. The people’s choice award went to the Silver Fox Senior Social Club.

chili 1chili 2chili 3

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3 Responses to View 5: The B’ville Big Chill

  1. Rich says:

    The B’ville Big Chill, does that mean ya have to be “big”? Did they have a “whale” of a time? HAHAHA I remember taking a quick dip into a pond in Feburary once. The water wasn’t all that bad temp wise, considering the air temp was around zero degrees.


  2. stphoto says:

    Not at all, Rich. You would have been more than welcome to jump in! I was happy to photograph the event in my nice warm and dry winter clothing. 🙂


  3. gayejohnson says:

    I’ve looked through every picture and post. Can’t find the Tokina 11-16 pictures… But in trying to find them I’ve looked at every one of your great pictures……and you have a wonderful variety. I could never tire of your pictures..all a treat and thanks!


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