Assignment 25: Recap

Wow…25 Photo Assignments and now Recaps.  I can not express how much fun and satisfaction I get when I see all your contributions to each of these over the years. We have gone from simple to complex photography to abstract and meaningful subjects. I learn so much from each of you and each other which each one.

Thank you all for your time, talents and continued enthusiasm.

I was not sure how this assignment would go.  I know people think and feel passion in their own way.  Some may not even be aware of theirs.  I will start there.

Carsten was not sure if he knew his passions.  I suggested he review all his blog posts to see  if anything popped out at him.  He went a bit further back and reviewed his photography over the last ten years.  I was particularly amazed with the photos he posted which were all taken on or about May 22nd of various years to coincide with the assignment’s deadline of May 22nd. I do agree with his discovered passions including the new family members who had their own timetable for arriving in Carsten’s heart and passion. The last clause is something most of us photographers would add, too.

I was not surprised at Simone’s selected passion.  It was her work with the bird of prey centre which first brought me to her blog. It has been a joy to watch her improvement in capturing the magnificent creatures she shares on her blog. You must click through to see the owl in flight photo.  She even included a photo processed in another passion of hers I have noticed: Black and White photography.

Amy-Lynn has a love for all living things both big and small and for those who move freely or live planted firmly in one spot. Her prose and photography leave no doubt her passion for the outdoors.  She also has a way of explaining things in words which pull it all together. Her posts are more than that.  They are essays to be enjoyed and pondered over.

Truels states his passion is Nature.  Everywhere he has traveled, Truels has shared his adventures mostly with nature photography. The post he shared is one of seven in a series from Assedrup in Denmark. I encourage you to look through all of them to see it through his photographic eye.

Mike is still young in his photographic journey and is not sure he has any specific passions within photography.  I feel he has some but they could morph as he continued along this photography timeline. He sure did spot and photograph the prettiest dandelion which says something.

Birgitte sees patterns or can create them in her famous collages. She has an eye for things  most people look at but do not see.  Her photographic inspiration could be a forgotten nick-nack on a shelf or footprints in the snow. Not to mention seeing how light and shadow can change things normally not noticed. She gives nice presents, too.

Scott, as in me, sure does not hide his passions but did talk about why they are so.

Karma presents her passions in life which intersect nicely with her photographic ones. From nature, flowers to birds to dance, gardening and the call of the open seas, a true plethora.

Nye is a master gardener (compare to anything I have tried) and have enjoyed watching her garden grow each year for an envious distance.  Her enjoyment of photographing events has opened my eyes to ceremonies and celebrations from southeast Asia. Like America, her vision is a melting pot of photographic delights.

Debbie gives us some news which often happens to people who follow their passions. Others take notice and move us in directions not foreseen.  Click to see where they are taking her and enjoy what moves her.

Robin whose passions are easy to see on her blog.  However, I like how she noticed the obvious ones were skin deep and what she sees and feels was different.  It is something many people find over time, experience and knowledge.

In conclusion, I am borrowing a quote from Robin’s blog…

Finding one’s voice is a process of finding one’s passion. ~ Terry Tempest Williams

I will be back on Friday with news on the future of these assignments.

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5 Responses to Assignment 25: Recap

  1. Karma says:

    Thanks again, Scott, for hosting the assignment. “news on the future of these assignments” sounds a bit ominous!


  2. Robin says:

    Thank you again, Scott. This was a thought-provoking assignment, and I really enjoyed where it led me. Sorry it took me so long to stop by and say thank you. This satellite internet connection is killing me. (Not really. Just slowing me down.) I did finally figure out how to access your blog (and those others who have bought their domain names) without a bunch of signing out and signing in. Score one for me! 🙂


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