Assignment 23: Winter

When I was planning the assignments for this year back in November, I hesitated to include this Assignment on Winter.  Last year, my area barely had a winter with unseasonably warm temperatures and lack of snow.  However, there is more to winter than just cold and snow, right?  Sports, hobbies, entertainment, outdoor events, indoor events, celebrations and other things happen this time of year.

Your assignment is to show me what winter means to you in any way you wish.  A single photo, photo essay or a series of posts.  Be creative and have fun!

Assignment 23: Winter

As in the other assignments, do not send me your photos. What I would like you to do is post them on your blog, flickr, Google+ or other photo sharing site, personal website or any place on the Internet where you can place a link to it here by making a comment to this blog entry. Then, we can all visit those sites and enjoy everyone’s Winter photos.

Please, have your photos posted on or before Midnight (your time zone), Wednesday, January 23, 2013.  Might be a good time to start up a blog or join a photo community like flickr.  As I have done for all the Assignments, I will put together a recap with my comments.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer them. I would triply appreciate it if you would help spread the word about this assignment so we can get lots of people to participate. Blog it, Tweet it, FaceBook it, Google+ it, Pin it, Tag it, email it and talk about it to your fellow photographers, bloggers, friends, strangers in the night and family. Thank you!

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35 Responses to Assignment 23: Winter

  1. mylifeincny says:

    On a day where the highis supposed to be 46 degrees you send out the winter assignment!!! Fortunately I got out quite a bit over the Xmas holiday so I’ll have something to show you!


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  3. Giiid says:

    Good start of the year!
    This assignment is the first good thing about the bad weather forecast for Denmark, which is; frost and winter the next two months. I´ll look more friendly at the frozen puddles the upcoming week.


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  5. Karma says:

    Hmmmm, a definite challenge for me. I will do my best to come up with something creative in the next 13 (yikes!) days.


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  9. Truels says:

    Like Birgitte writes – we have lots of winter: ice-cold temperatures and frost and snow (again) here in Denmark. So I take my down jacket and warm gloves and hat on – and pull the camera out in the cold the coming days …….


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  12. sybil says:

    Hi Scott, not being a huge fan of winter I had to give this some thought. Here’s my entry: Thanks for the opportunity to vent. 😉


  13. gonerustic says:

    My entry is up – a photo collage of pics I took with my mobile phone on a visit to Melbourne last winter =D


  14. Nye says:

    Scott, this is my contribution. I was so happy to see a little bit of ice and snow. 🙂


  15. nell says:

    Great idea! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share. Here is my link


  16. Simone says:

    Here’s mine (and thanks again for the reminder!)
    no snow, not even much cold, but wintery nonetheless!


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  18. Took my a little longer than expected but I like what I ended up with. You made me think about this one Scott! Thanks for putting these together…


  19. Hello Scott, here are my thoughts and pictures about your Winter assignment. Just in time ! Thanks again.


  20. dawnkinster says:

    Thanks for the challenge…I for sure wanted to do something different than ice and snow…and I was lucky enough to be somewhere cool….


  21. Truels says:

    Hello Scott! Thank you very much for another great challenge. I enjoy these VERY much – and often take a chance to explore other angles, themes or techniques.
    Here is my “cold” contribution to this assignment:


  22. Thanks for all the contributions!!! Here is mine as I talk about my favorite Winter Sport.


  23. What a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Winter can be hard, it is a nice excuse to think about it in a more positive light. With the shortened days why not take advantage of the cover of night and do a little self reflection? Cheers.


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  25. Carsten says:

    Maybe it’s late, but here is my contribution to your assignment Scott.


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