Assignment 11: Recap

As I was planning the photo assignments for this year, I tried to keep in mind where you all lived and the time of year for each assignment.  In the past, I know I had you out and about in rather challenging weather conditions.  Such was not the case for this year’s first assignment on Food Photography. It could be done inside or outside very easily and the subject matter would be plentiful.  Though some of you had trouble photographing the food before consuming it.  It might also have been the fact I knew I was going on a Disney cruise where there would be lots of beautifully prepared food to photograph.  I like to think I was thinking of all of you first. 😀

Before I get into recapping all of your delightfully delicious photos, I want to again thank Erika, The Ivory Hut, for her guest blog on Beginner Food Photography.  I know it helped me tremendously and I will be referring back to it often.

The first links were posted by a flickr contact of mine, Barry Wallis, who I recruited for this assignment as soon as I saw his photo of poached eggs over home fried potatoes and bacon (which, btw, were not flat) presented on a beautiful plate.  Barry was kind enough to submit that photo and another of a batch of mocha cinnamon chocolate chip cookies just crying out for a glass of cold milk to dip them in.

Wendi then graced us with her Lemony Seafood Pasta she created from a recipe she found.  The photo just sung of summer picnics near water and something I will be trying out in the future.  Check out Wendi’s flickr photostream for more excellent food photography.

Michaela, author of the popular The Daily Click blog, posted not one, not two but three blogs for the assignment: buttered popcorn, Mexican wedding cookies and food to warm one’s soul and stomach, soup and pasta. The problem with hosting a food photography assignment is I had to go home and make up some butter popcorn after viewing Michaela’s photo.

Another newcomer to my assignments, Debbie Littlejohn, presented her beef fillets with pomegranate-pinot sauce in a warm home environment with a glass of red wine for class.  Nicely done, Debbie!

Nye shows us a traditional dish from Laos and Northern Thailand called Yum Neau Yang Nom Tok.  She was not totally pleased with the photo of the food setting. I only saw where a reflector might have improved the photo some by throwing a little more light on the plated food.  Otherwise, I thought it was well done.

Ever wonder what to do with a pair of pears? Isa, from Switzerland,  shows us a pair of ways of enjoying them in her blog called Sweet pears.

Tracy slammed dunked this assignment with a hat trick (enough sports metaphors for you yet?) of assembled food collages covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. I still get a sugar rush from the Cap’n Crunch photo!

Gerry, who I know is freezing today along with the rest of us in North America, proves even Brussels sprout can look good enough to eat…almost. 😉

Now we come to what I am calling the most creative approach to this assignment from Amy of the Flandrum Hill blog and the Canadian maritime, with her photo essay entitled, Table for One.  I do not want to spoil it for you, click on the link and enjoy!

Do you like olives? If you do, you’ll want to see Robin’s food photography post. Heck, even you do not like olives, you’ll appreciate it. As a bonus, you will learn about Ohio’s Blue Ice Walls.

Karma brings us homemade Oreo cookies with a glass of milk. I hope my friend Mitch does not see this one.  It could put him in a sugar induced daze for weeks!

I would like to introduce you to kiwidutch from the The Netherlands by way of New Zealand.  Her blog not only featured some fine food photography but brought up a very important aspect of my photo assignments. That is to expand each of our blog’s reach as we explore each others photography and those who visit not only our blogs but those of others.  Making many new friends as we do so.

Next up is…hey, it’s me!  I brought you back photos from my Disney Food Tripping at Walt Disney World and on the new Disney Dream cruise ship.  It’s better than a t-shirt, right?

When I send out a tweet on Twitter, I never know if they are noticed or ignored.  Thankfully, Albie Bredenhann clicked in on this assignment from South Africa to present us with a food photography presentation fit for a magazine.  I took notes reading this one, folks!

Out of breath but in plenty of time, kanniduba shared with us her secret to good health and longevity.  Always knew there was something in those tea leaves people read.

Carsten took time out of his busy life to share with us the good and the very good (but not as healthy) post about apples and a traditional Danish birthday cake.  Both looked good enough to snatch right off my computer’s screen.

Stating that her food was “ordinary”, Birgitte presented us with extraordinary photos of Danish food.

Dawn, like me, found this assignment very challenging.  What I enjoyed about her blog was how she described how she approached food photography.  She showed us her outtakes as well as the one she thought fulfilled the assignment’s requirements.  And, like her, I need more practice.

Kathy is shooting and eating her food up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan these days.  Tough to do for a vegetarian, mind you, but done in her wonderful storytelling style.

I challenged you to make photo of food fit for a magazine or cookbook.  I feel you all did that to your ability and equipment.  I know I can do better and will probably return to this topic during the rest of this year to try.  Thank you all for your time and submissions.  The next assignment will be posted in March.  For now, bon appetit!

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22 Responses to Assignment 11: Recap

  1. Simone says:

    Darn, I wanted to play along in this but never found the time (I know, excuses, excuses…). Next time, then!! 🙂


  2. Carsten says:

    Thanks for the recap Scott. And for all the time you spend on setting up these interesting assignments. Your deadline kick started me for this year.
    I have clicked my way through all the posts and found several ideas for dinner in the future.


  3. Thanks for the awesome recap Scott and for the great mention it’s really appreciated! I can’t wait for assignment number 2! Now I’m off to find that magazine who’d be willing to publish my work!


  4. flandrumhill says:

    Wonderful recap Scott. The submissions were all so inspiring. Whether in painting or photography, food makes the most excellent still life subject.


  5. Giiid says:

    Thank you Scott, your assignments are much appreciated. A good way to meet and get inspired. I´m impressed that you have the energy and time to make them, and always write the recaps. I´m looking foreward to the next assignment, I wonder what you have in mind this time…


  6. kiwidutch says:

    Thank you for a great re-cap Scott. I have found so many fellow photographers, writers, foodies via your post and have subscribed to a heap of their blogs!
    Thanks too to those of you who came to see my blog because of Scott’s post.
    Together we are helping make the world a little smaller and to make “International /Cross Cultural” a little more personal.


  7. Scott, thanks a lot for the great recap and your appreciation for everyone´s pictures. It was wonderful to see what each of us presented for this recent assignment, very tempting recipes too. I am grateful for your time and motivation you share with us.


  8. milkayphoto says:

    I, for one, very much appreciated this assignment and your keeping in mind that there are those of us who prefer to stay tucked cozy inside during these winter months. I had a great time with this one and also, loved seeing what others did! Thanks, Scott! 🙂


  9. Kathy says:

    Scott, it looks like a lot of work to do this recap…appreciate you so much for taking the time to link all of us! (And maybe we learned a bit about food photography, too.) Thanks for the assignments and the inspiration.


  10. Nye says:

    Thanks Scott for the challenge, recap and great feed back. If I do a lot of food photography, it sounds like a reflector is good to have around.


  11. Another great turnout!! Pretty soon I’ll have to set aside a whole week-end to make it through the recap! 😉
    Is it March yet?? You wouldn’t want to give us a little hint about the next assignment, would you?


  12. Robin says:

    Thank you, Scott. I really enjoyed this assignment, especially going out and about to see all that beautiful food. You have a lot of talented participants/followers. 🙂

    Looking forward to the next assignment!


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