Assignment 8: Recap

This assignment proved challenging.  To review Assignment 8 was on Travel Photography.  I stated I was looking for three (or more) photo essay.  InLet us see how you all did, shall we?

Carsten started us out with his excellent essay about Kandestederne, Denmark where he spent vacation.  I know have a better appreciation of the people who live and tried to tame Kandesederne.  Carsten’s essay talked about the history, ecology and economy of the area.  He showed scale of the dunes by including a person walking over them.  He finished with detailed and beautiful photos of the sand sculptured by the wind.

Isa, who lives in Swizterland, takes us in the life of the monks who live in an abbey in Hauterive.  Her essay called Slowing Down shows us the beauty,  history and spiritually of a the place and how it relates to the community surrounding it.  Very well done, Isa.

Nye started out her essay about the Flower Carpet at Biltmore by apologizing about the bad weather.  She need not have done so.  Her telling of the Biltmore tale and the flower carpet was interesting and entertaining.  The photos of the flowers taken in the cloudy, rainy weather brought out the magnificent colors of the well-kept flower garden.

Karen shows and tells us about her favorite place in Visiting Southern Maine.  From the Piscataqua River bridge to Kennebunkport, Karen shares with us the both the natural and man-made history of a place which is also a staple of her own family’s history.

Michaela of thedailyclick submitted part 1 of…well, she is still going as of this morning for her submission I will shorten it to Summer Road Trip.  In her first installment, we learn about a Fantastic Caverns near Springfield, Missouri.  The cavern was not discovered until 1862 and has been used in different ways since.  Not all of them lawful either.  Along the way we learn about how to visit, enjoy and photograph this natural wonder.

P. J. Grath submitted a photo essay with encouragement from Gerry of Torch Lake Views (Thanks, Gerry!).  P. J. introduces us to the “ghost town” of Isadore where her and her sister discover it is not as dead as they thought.

I have heard of the island of Crete but never took the time to learn about it.  Truels took care of my short coming with a delightful photo essay about Crete.  Not only do we learn about its natural history and lovely tourist areas, Truels introduces us to some of the people who live on Crete.  Excellent work, Truels!

Kathy chimes in just in time with an essay on the Laker William A. Irvin.  I have watched other ships like her (him?) for years from the shores of the St. Lawrence River in northern New York.  The essay entitled “How I spent my summer vacation” is a play on the old assignments we all got as kids when going to school.  Thank you, Kathy, you do get an “A”!

In her posting, An essay – Travel photography, Birgitte gives us a delightful view of what was and is her family’s summer home and we find it hasn’t changed much since her grandfather built it back in the 1940’s.  Her mix of old and new photos show how much has and hasn’t changed in Jutland.

You may have noticed I did not say much about the photography in these essays.  That is because each one had excellent photos which were well exposed with story telling compositions which enhanced the words which created informative articles.  I can think of no higher praise than that for all of you.  Thank you for contributing!

So, you may be asking, where is mine?  Well, unlike Kathy, I did not make the deadline and will have my essay coming up soon. Remember, I am the teacher. 🙂

I learned a few things with this assignment.  While the time given helped, I think it was too long as some people lost track of it.  In the future, I will keep them shorter and more specific starting with the next assignment which I will announce next week.  Hey, I got to get back on schedule!

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10 Responses to Assignment 8: Recap

  1. giiid says:

    I suppose it´s time to give the teacher an apple? Thank you for keep making these assignments, Scott. I agree with you about the time, if there are too much of it, ideas about the project becomes more and more ambitious and in the end difficult to make. Looking foreward to see your own travel photos, soon.


  2. Carsten says:

    Thanks for the assignments Scott. You are doing a great job both on setting challenging assignments and commenting on all the contributions.
    I agree with you and Giiid about the time. Perhaps it is better doing the job when the challenge is fresh in mind.
    Regarding the apple – you live in New York with the big apple so I think it is better with just: Many thanks Scott.


  3. Gerry says:

    I fail to do a travelog and still I get a link? You are an easy grader, Scott. 🙂 I didn’t go anyplace that I haven’t showed you all a million times before, but you never know what I might get up to. And it was good to think about the elements of a good travel post. As always, I’m enjoying seeing what everyone else has been doing.


  4. Kathy says:

    Scott, echoing the others…thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher and giving us these assignments. Thank you for taking the time to share your photographic tips with us. Can you see the big shiny apple I just sat on your desk? lol…


  5. Thank you Scott for your time and thoughtfulness in always giving us advices about photography and for these challenges that I love participating in. I find them inspiring; it is also interesting to see other people´s opinion on the same subject. Look forward seeing your own travelogue…


  6. truels says:

    Since i bought my digital-camera in 2008 (Panasonic DMC-FZ8) and I was introduced to the blogging-world and to your blog and assignments, my photo-world has taken a new and unexpected direction. I have entered new and for me unexplored paths and have been a pupil in the youngest classes in the Digital-photo-school since then. And I love to learn! And I love good teachers! And you are one of those, Scott! THANK YOU!!! It’s like opening a Christmas-present, when you or some of your photo-blogger-colleagues gives me a post with a little of all your knowledge about digital photography. I appreciate it VERY much, and I’ll tell you Scott, I hope you have the energy to continue throwing out all those pearls of wisdom to us!
    I feel I have been blogging for much more than only 6 months now, and I’m exited where the next six, twelve, …many!… months of blogging will lead me to???


  7. Nye says:

    Scott, thanks for this opportunity and a great teacher indeed. I’m looking forward to the next assignment, can’t wait! 🙂


  8. Dawn says:

    I had fun just reading everyone’s travel stories. That’s one of the fun thing about blogging and reading others’ blogs…you get to “travel” to places you might never be able to go in person!

    Thanks for “assigning” so that they and all the rest of us can explore!


  9. Karma says:

    I’m echoing what others have already said, but I also want to say thanks for the photo assignments and the photography lessons and tips. As I’ve said to you before, you are one of my inspirations for starting to blog; it has become a great pasttime for me as well as a place to share creativity.


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