Assignment 5: Recap

Thank you all for contributing to the latest assignment with the simple topic, White.  Over twenty people submitted their photographic ideas on White.  I am, as usual, totally blown away by the creativity of the people who decide to take on these assignments.  I learn so much and I hope you all do to.

As I do for each assignment, I beg each of you some patience as I wax poetic over each and every photo.  Okay, maybe not poetic but here it is anyway! 🙂

Late last year, I came upon a blog about Alaska photography by Mike Criss.  You just knew Mike’s subject would have a winter feel to it.  However, snow and the color white is giving him some problems with his HDR processing as you will see.

Anna Surface, who does amazing artistic renderings of her photos, brought us a serene winter scene in three different ways and three different “whites” using her post-processing skills.  Anna and her husband, Preston, have shown us all how recording a photo is just the start of the creative process.

High key portraits is very popular for people.  Tracy Milkay took the high key concept and creates one using what was left of a wild seeded plant.  White didn’t have to be the subject of the photo for this assignment but a large part of the story.

Take a scene with a winter brown cemetery,  blue sky with white clouds and leafless trees and then find the whitest old church I have ever seen in the middle of it and you get a feel for the photo Nye Noona shared with us.  Brilliant in color, composition and history.

MorningJoy (Karen), who I refer to as MJ, not only has a way with her feathered neighbors in southern Florida, she has a way with words as in her ability to show and tell us about Florida Snow.

Amy-Lynn joined in with a tale taken directly from the woods near her home in Nova Scotia.  The ensuing comments proved to be a nice learning experience, too.

Michaela shows us something soft, delicate, lacy and white (and no, it’s not what you are thinking!).  Geesh, you people!

DaveA found this assignment and had just the photo to share with us.  With the severe winter weather in the northern plains of Canada this year, a very white and rare visitor showed up in Colorado close enough for Dave to take a drive to see.

You know, everyone knows I am trying to save up for a new camera and then dailia shows me (and all of you) what a macro lens can do with some snow she found outside her home. Oh, so very tempting.

I can always count on Carsten to take an assignment and produce something extraordinary from something ordinary.  Not only that, it made hungry! 🙂

Jennifer asked if she could use an recent photo but I insisted on something taken during the time frame (yeah, I know, I bend the rules sometimes).  Anyway, Jennifer did just fine before she left the cold and snow to enjoy a warm vacation.  Oh, and she managed to post the photo she wanted to, too.  Which is fine, they are all too cute.

Isa from Switzerland is looking to simplify her life.  The still life photo she produced to illustrate her quest is an excellent study in how white compliments color for a wonderful, eye-pleasing composition.

kanniduba, or just KD for short, always tells me how hard these assignments are and then aces them by using her skills as a photographer and in the art of seeing to make everyday life come alive in its whiteness.

Birgitte checks in from Denmark where the weather is looking a lot like my weather here in upstate New York: White…snow.

Karma, Jennifer’s sister (see above), learned how to take a photo of a bright light in a dark room with the added touch of the light being a friendly snowman.  Oh, and she used a Gorillpod, too.  You see this, Gerry?

When snow has a light source coming in at an angle, textures materialize in the shadows as Miekmiek shows us here.

Chris, who lives and plays in the white stuff instead of cursing it, brings us views around Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where white stuff is king!

Babs, one of Gerry’s contributors to Torch Lake Views, uses white to build upon a most colorful winter lake landscape.

Speaking of Gerry, she took this assignment literally.  Moo!

Deanna loves a challenge and she did herself proud.  Coming up with the lamb in the curtain trick is something I know I never would of thought of.  Now, the lamp in the fog, possibly.

I did not know there were white alligators in Michigan.  Bruce Laidlaw needs to call up National Geographic quick!

IvoryHut, a frequent contributor to the famous blog, The Pioneer Women (see link on the right side of this blog), cooked up something white, hot and yummy! Oh, and a nice little shot of the kind of winter it’s been like on the northeastern coast of the United States this past month.

In keeping with the food theme, Brit shared with us a flickr photo called, Garlic & Press.  See, all you flickr people out there, you can join in on the fun, too!

Rounding out the assignment, I shared with you another photo from my day at Webster Pond featuring an elegant white creature.

I applaud everyone who contributed in making this the most successful assignment to date.  I’ll be back in March with the next assignment.  Oh, I just know you are going to like it.

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16 Responses to Assignment 5: Recap

  1. Carsten says:

    Thanks for the recap Scott. Your work is much appreciated. If you have success spreading the message to wider circles you will have a lot of writing to do.
    Hopefully I can live up to your expectations 🙂
    I am not at all in the blogging mood these days. -Waiting for the doctors diagnosis on my little very anxious mother.


  2. karma says:

    Thanks Scott! I enjoyed checking in on everyone’s ideas for this assignment. There was much creativity shown for a subject that could have been quite difficult for taking interesting shots.


  3. flandrumhill says:

    Thank you for the recap Scott. It IS wonderful to see how differently we’ve all interpreted the assignment.


  4. dalia says:

    looking forward to the next assignment Scott! thanks!!


  5. Nye says:

    Thanks Scott for this opportunity, and look forward to the next assignment. 🙂


  6. Scott, I am grateful for your comment on my picture, it is very encouraging. I look forward to the next assignment 🙂 Thank you for sharing your passion for photography, it is also a good opportunity to meet other photographers and friends.


  7. Anna Surface says:

    I ditto all the responses above, and enjoyed the different and creative photographic interpretations for this assignment. My goodness, Scott, that was a really nice recap for all who participated. Thanks for the effort and the neat challenge. 🙂


  8. Just now FINALLY finding the time to check out everyone’s submissions. Great turneout!
    Your “something soft, delicate, lacy and white” comment gave me an idea… I’ll have to see if I can pull it off 😉


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