View 95: Falling Water

Water falls 215 feet over the Taughannock Falls near Ithaca, New York.

Water falls 215 feet over the Taughannock Falls near Ithaca, New York.

Taughannock Falls, with a plunge of 215 feet, is 33 feet higher than Niagara Falls and it the highest waterfall in the northeastern United States. Water falls with such force, the plunge pool is more than 30 feet deep. Taughannock Falls State Park is a beautiful, well-maintained park with easy access to the falls along a nearly level 3/4 mile trail to a viewing area. There is a Falls Overlook situated 400 feet above the gorge floor people can drive to so anyone can enjoy seeing this natural wonder.

Falls Overlook view of the Taughannock Falls.

Falls Overlook view of the Taughannock Falls.

Just a note to say this is NOT my submission to my Assignment 3: Water. I will post it tomorrow.

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8 Responses to View 95: Falling Water

  1. That second pic is really cool! Great perspective.


  2. Gerry says:

    I’ve been there! It’s a beautiful place. That second photo reminds me of what I loved about living in New York.


  3. montucky says:

    Wow, what a scene! Just incredible!


  4. Very nice Scott, I really like both comps, nicely captured !!


  5. Catching up from a busy week. Assignments always do that but what fun.

    Gerry, come on back for a visit!

    Terry (Montucky), it is just amazing what natural beauty New York has just a few miles from me.

    Bernie, thanks! Now to find one that’s not named. 🙂


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