View 48: Do the Dew!

Mountain Dew bottle moves down a conveyor to be shipped out to stores.

Mountain Dew bottles moving down a conveyor to be shipped out to stores.

I work for a soda (or pop or soda pop or just coke depending on where you live) bottler near Syracuse, New York. The other day I went out and took some pictures around the plant. I enjoy capturing motion in my photography and the Mountain Dew bottles were flying down the conveyor belts which made for some great shots. If you have never tried panning to show motion, it is a fun and valuable technique to learn. Click here for a short article I wrote on panning.

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11 Responses to View 48: Do the Dew!

  1. Cool! Panning shots are a lot of fun, but can be frustrating, too. Thank goodness for digital! LOL


  2. Rico says:

    I feel like those bottles are going to smack me right in the head! 🙂


  3. stphoto says:

    Hee hee…nah, they stay safely on the conveyor belt.

    Panning isn’t hard but you will only get a few keepers from a lot of panned images. Yep, don’t mind with digital. In this case, with the bottles coming at regular intervals, I got more than normal.


  4. mrgrosky says:

    Great photo and a wonderful example of finding beauty in the ordinary. Mitch


  5. giiid says:

    Happy thanksgiving!


  6. Visuallens says:

    Great photo and thanks for the tips on panning.


  7. morningjoy says:

    Thanks,Scott. I found the information you gave in The Art of Panning quite helpful. It’s a technique that I need to practice.


  8. stphoto says:

    Panning is fun. I’ll be going to Walt Disney World soon and will be doing some more panning shots.


  9. cindydyer says:

    Love the panning photo, Scott! It’s one of my favorite green colors, too.



  10. Joe says:

    My dream job, all that wonderful Mountain Dew. 🙂


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