View 21: Goat Auction

Goat Auction

Was at the New York State Fairgrounds over the weekend for a horse show and got wind of an auction being held in the Swine and Goat Building. Walking towards the building, I could hear the distinctive cadence of an auctioneer rattling off escalating bids. How they talk so fast, keep track of who’s bidding and how much makes my head hurt. I just marvel at this skill. The subjects being auctioned where South African Boer Goats. Cute and cuddly but, to the people bidding, they were breeding and show animals. I was surprised as bidding frequently went over $500 with some goats going as high as $1,000. It was a fun event to hear, watch and photograph.

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2 Responses to View 21: Goat Auction

  1. virtualnexus says:

    Love the way you got wind of the auction!! Also enjoyed seeing the arabian Klyde. Beautiful creature.


  2. stphoto says:

    I’ll pass on your comment to Klyde. 🙂


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