Focus on Epcot Photowalk

Bet you can not guess who is going to Walt Disney World next month. 🙂 Then, again, I bet you can.

Focus on Epcot Photowalk

Focus on Epcot Photowalk

While there, I have planned an All Ears Photowalk called Focus on Epcot.  The focus (pun intended) will be on these three photographic subjects:

Hyperfocal Distance or Hyperfocus

Selective Focus

Using a Circular Polarizing Filter

The Photowalk will be held on Monday, February 9, 2015, from 9:30AM to 11:30AM. Meeting location will be outside the Nikon Camera Center in Epcot. The location is across from Spaceship Earth on the right side as you walk in from the Future World entrance. While you may attend by just showing up, if you think you will be at the photowalk, use the Contact form to notify me or sign up here: Focus on Epcot Facebook Event

Before the Photowalk, I will be posting blogs about each of the items to be covered right here. The subjects may be new to many of you and a good review for my frequent guests.

Note, you do not need a polarizing filter but one will be demonstrated along with a special tip.

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2 Responses to Focus on Epcot Photowalk

  1. Dave Kliment says:

    We just happen to be planning to visit Epcot that morning. See you there!

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