Guest Blogger Recap

I want to thank Cindy Dyer, Simone Kelly and Carsten Langkjaer for writing up and supplying the photographs for the last three Friday blogs while I was on vacation.  I hope you found them informative, fun and got you out and photographing something. 🙂

I noticed a few of the same photography themes going through each of the guest bloggers articles. As all three are very successful photographers, I was not surprised to see them.

Practice – in the two How-To articles by Cindy and Simone, they both emphasized the need to practice. While Carsten talked about always having his camera by his side. With digital cameras, the process of learning is extremely fast compared to using film. Camera LCD displays give immediate feedback with all the data needed to see how a change effects an image. I have witnessed several people go from beginners to professionals in a few months.

If your photos aren’t good enough, then you’re not close enough.

                                                                                                             – Robert Capa

Get Closer – Both Cindy and Simone mentioned this and a few of Carsten’s photos are prime examples of how getting closer can improve a photo dramatically. It is the one tip I immediately give people who ask how they can improve their photography.

See – I noticed how all three of my guest bloggers either mentioned or showed angles and compositions most people would overlook. A favorite photographic exercise to do is to walk up to a subject and photograph it from every angle possible and compose the subject several ways. Then review all the photos a few days later to see which worked and did not work for the photographer.

Experiment – Carsten’s photo of the man’s hand playing the piano, Simone’s detail photo of a bird’s feet and Cindy’s backlit photo of a Morning Glory flower are all examples of trying something new and different. Or Out of the Box as Simone put it.

All these themes make digital photography a fun and very rewarding hobby or profession.

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